**** SILVER SWANS ADULT BALLET CLASSES...... once we have established the most popular time for these classes the times might change.

If you are interested in Silver Swans classes please follow our dedicated Silver Swans Facebook page http://www.fb.com/WarwickSilverSwans

MONDAY - WarwickSpace

Miss Emily

2.00pm Silver Swans Ballet Class*

3.00pm Private Lesson (available)

3.30pm Private Lesson (available)

4.00pm Grade 1 RAD ballet

4.45pm Grade 4 ISTD Tap

5.30pm Intermediate foundation ballet & pointe

7.00pm Finish

MONDAY - Westend Centre

Miss Emily-Mae

3.45pm Reception Ballet and Tap

4.45pm Junior Modern & Street Dance

5.30pm Grade 6 ISTD tap

6:15pm Intermediate ISTD modern

7..00pm Adult tap* – beginner/improver

7.45pm Adult tap* - advanced

8.30pm Finish

TUESDAY - Westend Centre

Miss Emily

4.00pm Grade 4 RAD ballet

4:45pm Grade 3 RAD ballet

5:30pm PBT Conditioning

6.00pm Grade 7 RAD Ballet

7:00pm Pointe work*

7.30pm Adult ballet*

8.30pm Finish

THURSDAY - WarwickSpace

Miss Emily

2.30pm Silver Swans Ballet Class*

3.30pm Private lesson (available)

4.00pm Grade 1 RAD Ballet (new)

4.45pm Grade 4 RAD Ballet

5.30pm Grade 5 RAD Ballet

6.15pm Private lesson (AR)

6.45pm Finish

THURSDAY - Westend Centre

Miss Emily-Mae

4.30pm Primary tap and modern

5.15pm Primary ballet

5.45pm Grade 3 ISTD Tap

6.30pm Grade 3 ISTD modern

7.15pm Street dance

8.00pm Finish

FRIDAY - Westend Centre

Miss Holly

3.45pm Junior (6+) Contemporary & Acro

4.30pm Mids (10+) Contemporary

5.00pm Mids Acro

5.30pm Senior (13+) Contemporary

6.00pm Senior Acro

6:30pm Finish


WarwickSpace Main studio

9.00AM Pre-school class (tap & ballet) ages 2-4

9.45AM Reception & Yr 1 (Pre-Primary tap & ballet)

10:45AM break

11:00 Grade 1 Tap

11.30AM Primary RAD Ballet (Yr2+)

12:15pm Grade 1 RAD Ballet

1:00PM Grade 2 RAD Ballet

1.45PM break

2:00PM Grade 2 Tap

2.30PM Grade 2 Modern

3.00PM Elite Performance team

4:00PM Finish


WarwickSpace Studio 2

10:45AM Primary Tap & Modern (Yr2+)

11:30AM Grade 1 Modern

12:00PM finish