Our Classes

Ages 2-5

Young children are introduced to music and moving to music in a fun way. Children of this age have basic motor skills and love music so we use different types of music and different props to stimulate creativity and instill a love of dancing. We use lots of imagination and props to develop the large motor skills of running, walking, turning, jumping and skipping as well as starting to develop fine motor skills of the hands, legs and feet.

Pre-school and Pre-Primary (Reception and Yr 1) classes include tap and ballet.

Ages 6+

Once children are old enough to start school, their classes become slightly more structured and we begin to work towards the examination specifications of the Royal Academy of Dance (R.A.D.) and the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (I.S.T.D). The emphasis is still firmly on fostering artistry, developing motor skills and laying the foundations of good dance technique whilst having fun.

As children get older, they will begin to refine their technique, skills and artistry in ballet lessons based on the training of the RAD and modern and tap lessons based on the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing syllabi, and can take examinations when they are ready. This is always at the discretion of the teacher, who will only enter children for examinations when they are completely ready.

We run classes in: Acrobatic Dance, Ballet, Contemporary, Modern Theatre Dance, Street Dance, and Tap.

Adult Classes

Dance is for adults too! We offer beginner and advanced classes for adults in tap and ballet, and Silver Swans classes for age 55+

For more information on exams visit www.rad.org.uk or www.istd.org